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Date(s) - 07/12/2019 - 31/03/2020
All Day

Vagabond N7


Lithuanian artist Zivile Kasparaviciute’s art exhibition “We All Have a Hunger” is now open at the coffee shop “Vagabond N7” in Islington. Amongst already known artworks the artist is presenting new paintings that had been created when she ventured for a new lease of life in Switzerland. 


Many art admirers raise their eyebrows as they look at the characters of Zivile’s expressive works. They (no, not the admirers!) often stick their tongues out, take shameless selfies or openly display the dark side of the personality. Each of them has their own story, derived from the artist’s personal experiences, media headlines and music. Some of those depicted characters may stir questions in the viewers’ minds, or dish out wrong answers. How and why – everything requires a context, in the absence of which anyone can be judged without a valid reason.


Zivile is excited about the unusual format of the exhibition as arty Islington’s cafe “Vagabond N7” is the place where life happens over a cup of artisan coffee, where people connect and share their experiences. Thus, she invites Londoners to go for a cappuccino and discuss art face-to-face.


“I get more and more messages from people enquiring about my work: from grabbing a paintbrush to participating in the art community. I’m always eager to share experiences and admire the insights and interpretations of the art lovers. Still, my work takes on a new meaning in their eyes when I complement those insights with stories that I usually reveal only face-to-face. I have to admit authentic creative experiences really require a lot of courage and so some ideas are laid on canvas in symbols. I would say that only through a conversation my works become truly complete as two different worlds come together, creative symbols get deciphered and mutual understanding is born.”


To arrange an arty rendezvous, please fill in the contact form on Zivile’s website or drop me a message on social media:


Insta @artbyzivile

FB Art by Zivile Kasparaviciute


Zivile’s works explore human temporality and passage of time, also expose inner demons. They often draw attention to self-consciousness and relentless quest for inner fulfilment as well as for human place under the sun. Many of her paintings, ranging from universally perceived beauty and values to the aesthetics of ugliness, have already found homes in different countries. The rest of them are restlessly wandering like freewheeling vagabonds from country to country, from wall to wall, constantly sharing their stories with newly encountered strangers.


Address of the exhibition: 

Coffee shop “Vagabond N7”

105 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LT


Opening Hours: 

Mon–Fri 7:30 – 17:00 

Sat–Sun 9:00 – 18:00