Design in Shoreditch: Matteo Bianchi Founder of Daruma Design

Matteo Bianchi G: Tell us about your business.

I run an Interior and Product Design company, from a small studio in Dalston. We design Residential & Commercial spaces with a playful, yet elegant approach. We have recently launched an occasional piece of furniture, the Muffin Pouffe ( and there are more products to follow. I was inspired from studying at St. Martins and a life-long love of design. We are very honest & approachable as a company and we like to think outside the box.

G: What are the main challenges maintaining your business and how are you overcoming them?

Managing our time, we’d like to be able to be in 3 places at once! To overcome them we have to communicate well and organise our diaries! Our ongoing organisation leads to the greatest output.

G: What would you say has been your most memorable experience while developing your business? What were the most successful or unique projects?

One of the first projects I worked on was a hotel in Venice called 947 rooms ( It was a real challenge as there were issues with the logistics out there with high tides! We had a big budget and everything came on a boat! We are very proud of the project; it is quite stunning. The most unique looking project has to be in Sloane Court. The brief was ‘East meets West’ and we had a lot of creative freedom. The wallpaper in this project is all hand painted on silk.


G: What were the funniest moments that happened while setting up/running your business?

We designed and helped run the Full House secret supper club in Red Church street, ( and the operation of this such fun. Sometimes chaos can be very funny – we opened at 7.30 and I think at 7.00 I was still adding the final touches. It was a massive hit!

G: Tell us about DO’s and DON’Ts when running the company?

Do – Look in the most unexpected places for inspiration, Think outside the box, leave time to get out there and sketch and think. Smile, and be fully transparent with clients. Take notes. Do take yourself seriously.

Don’t – Work with lousy contractors. Assume anything. Leave clients out of the loop. Don’t take yourself seriously.

Picture 1G: Why do you choose Shoreditch to run your business?

I could see that it was bubbling 7 years ago when I moved to the area. It’s exciting and fresh and full of curatives like ourselves.

G: Who/what are your favourite CEOs/Businesses in Shoreditch?

My favourite CEO in Shoreditch is Bonnie Brulee, a Chef, Blogger and Entrepreneur in food( As well as a lovely person, she is extremely talented and clever, challenging what eating and dining should be.

G: What are your favourite places in Shoreditch?

Pistachio and dark chocolateI love heading down to Passing Clouds – it is so versatile and has a great atmosphere, with talks, gigs and film screenings. Another favorite is Morrell House on Curtain Road Shoreditch, (The ninetyeight bar & lounge is so eclectic. I love the eccentric design and the cocktails are fantastic. I think they are opening a café in the daytime soon so I shall be visiting more often!

G: What does the future has in store for Shoreditch?

I can see Shoreditch becoming more established. It had such huge ambitions and I think it will soon become more relaxed, similar to how Notting hill has. I think it will always have its edge though.


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