Silvia Kar – Why I love Shoreditch

All roads lead to Shoreditch. If you haven’t been here you haven’t lived.

A woman knows the face of the man she loves – and I know all the streets that lead to Shoreditch, because it is my lover, that keeps steeling all my days and nights. Do you have these moments when you let yourself walk without thinking and end up at a doorstep of your beloved one? Every time when I let myself go like that I see a sign of Shoreditch High Street and a smile instantly marks my face. It is like a true home, which I haven’t felt having for a while with a pallet of unique people, different size and colour doors to a world full of sounds, smells, styles and feelings.

So what brings me here? If someone asked you – ‘How do you know if you love the man or the woman?’ you would say – ‘I just know’. The thing is, human love always changes and drifts apart at some point, where Shoreditch will always be there for me: as a friend offering a drink, as an inspiration to create or even as a lover on a sleepless night. It doesn’t matter how you feel or look, I could even sit there in my funny pyjamas and ‘bunny’ slippers feeling even better than on a couch at home. Cause cosiness and feeling of having everything you need is always in the air of Shoreditch so come along and have a deep breath with me.

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