Why I love Shoreditch by Samuel R J Cole

It looks your typical just outer London Street. Well that is until you actually look and see it’s a canvas. It is a maze of creativity and exploration. Everywhere you go is like a gallery, whether it is graffiti to painting. You can find yourself struck upon by bold look at me graffiti piece. Some comical, cheeky and fun. Others with a goal to say something, express today’s society views. Strongly but may be controversially letting the public and politicians here our voice. The buildings become the frame for the art to fill. In some cases the building are the art, seeing broad pieces covering them. An Estate agent that has every inch covered head to toe with a person’s creativity. From the inside being a business to the outside being another ‘picture’ for us to enjoy. Some may say it is vandalism; I disagree as it would be vandalism to remove these wonders. The make Shoreditch come alive and give it a youthful individual personality. So in other words don’t say, spray.


It’s not just the graffiti, I would recommend the open art gallery. This tiny space just diagonal from tation entrance is a free gallery open to anyone. From cubism to life drawings it has a broad range to please anyone and especially may favourite pop art. Feel free to ask the owner about any of the
pieces and find out about bigger exhibitions in the pieces you like.

From the big to the little, you cannot escape it and why would you from a door way to a statue its there to be admired. For consideration and inspiration, or even just a pick me up for a local passing by. To me Shoreditch is underestimated it is a must see from its original and playful art to the quirky and fabulous fashion.

  Samuel R J Cole