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G: Tell us about your business.

Here is a line from my fan page: “Professional hairdressing anywhere in London. You choose where: in the street, park, studio or simply at home.”

After cutting a few friends hair I suddenly realized that I am a full time mobile hairdresser and this is what I am doing now. My clients found this service very useful and I am happy I can help them not even with a professional haircutting and hairstyling but also by saving their time. In such a social and busy world having a haircut in a salon shouldn’t be the only one option. People usually prefer to be cut in the space they like – their home or even in the park, just to get excitement and try something new. The traditional way is not necessarily the right.

G: What are the main challenges maintaining your business and how are you overcoming them?

Give them the best haircut by listening to clients needs and putting in my input as a hairdresser. These are my work foundations that lead to cheerful clients. Not only skills matters but also the process and emotions during and after.

G: What would you say has been your most memorable experience while developing your business?

Every time I meet an existing or a new client a new experience takes place. Every single haircut is a unique project and that’s what I like about my work the most.

G: What were the funniest moments that happened while setting up/running 268709_182226131843056_100001670127213_514517_6158342_nyour business?

I have a good one that was quite unexpected for a client and me. I was walking down the street with equipment box in my hand when suddenly a couple in the street asked me to cut their hair and we did it in the middle of the street. It created quite a spectacle as it was crowded and people stopped to take pictures. That was really fun and memorable.

G: Why do you choose Shoreditch to run your business?

Let me be selfish please – because I like Shoreditch for it’s unique atmosphere and people. What else to add Smile

G: What are your favourite haircuts and hairdressers?

9_1I do really like when haircut suits the person, this is what I can call “favourite” haircut. I love what Daniel Alfonso is doing with other’s hair: precise and innovative.

G: Where is the best place to find the new trends about the new haircuts and etc?

You can find lots of inspiration on puppa HAIR Facebook fan page. Actually my clients are choosing examples from there.

10G: Who/what are your favourite Businesses in Shoreditch?

Far too many to mention. I can say I do really like how different shops, pubs, galleries etc. approach their clients. I think it’s really important in terms of relations between brands and consumers.

G: What are your favourite places in Shoreditch? (Where do you hang-out/ dining/ going out?)

There are many places I like in Shoreditch, but without listing them here I just can say that being in Shoreditch is all about finding something new and unique everyday which you get in love very quickly.

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