Why I love Shoreditch by Ben Smith

IMG_0442Shoreditch is a place that seeps rock n roll through its dark damp pours, through the back streets, warehouse spaces, basement bars, upstairs rooms and art galleries where it remains a hub of activity in nurturing up and coming bands. It’s an exciting, live, wildly unpredictable place where frequenting any of its dive bars or swanky venues could easily lead to an encounter, a love affair, when uncovering new, exciting and sexy sounds of a something never before heard.

IMG_0478Why I love Shoreditch is because any night of the week you can get that thrill walking through the streets to catch a gig, with a high chance of it being FREE. Musically there is something constantly evolving, buzzing and waiting to be discovered. It’s an important place and part of music culture, a home for underground music. The posters stuck to the walls, the graffiti in the toilets, the flyers poked in your hand, the people, the jeans, the shoes, the haircuts, the cans of Red Stripe along with the sense of freedom all make up Shoreditch’s diverse music scene.

IMG_0458Shoreditch influences and flirts to all its dwellers and acts as playing field for those daring enough to be swallowed up and taken on its ride. Anything goes, nobody judges, everybody lives, it’s the nights you never want to end, the people you meet and never see again and the bands you find and treasure. Shoreditch is hard, it’s broke, it’s sweaty…but it is smiling.


Written by Ben  Smith (Co-Foundrer of www.londontheinside.com)




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