Recent Exhibits around Shoreditch

There are some great exhibitions around Shoreditch these days! Last week I have been to street artist Pablo Delgado’s exhibition at Pure Evil Gallery and a joint exhibition by Emma McGuire and Echo Morgan at Blackall Studios. Plus, the amazing street art along the road until you reach the actual exhibitions!!
Firstly, I’d like to talk about Pablo Delgado’s exhibition at Pure Evil Gallery. The exhibition starts on the ground floor so as soon as you enter you’ll be fascinated by Delgado’s work. However, the real deal is the basement which looks like a different planet with Delgado’s work and lighting. The curator did a great job as well!Unfortunately I can’t post too many photos from the exhibition as they want people to go and see his work there! I can assure you that miniature people will fascinate you!
Emma McGuire and Echo Morgan’s ‘Warrior’ took place at Blackall Studios on Leonard Street. Their exhibition was breathtaking as well!There is part on the press release that defines the exhibition perfectly: ‘ Where McGuire’s photographys reveal the hidden beauty of the cage fighters, Morgan’s portraits, taken by photographer Jaime Baker of the artist’s performance pieces, address her fight to challenge societal constructs, beauty and her personal vulnerability.’ The exhibition ended 8th October unfortunately but make sure you check your work on their websites: Emma McGuire: and Echo Morgan:
Also there are some new fascinating street art pieces in Shoreditch. For instance Stik has two new works in Shoreditch and you can see one of them below!I will include the other one on my next post!Make sure you go to Hanbury Street as well to see LA based street artist Mear One’s work.