Curious Duke welcomes New Masters

250656_470408703024047_1186259808_nCurious Duke Gallery will be adopting some of the finest young talents into the family, showcasing their latest works in our upcoming exhibition Young Masters, which opens on the 7th February till the 7th March. Ever on the look out for the artists of the future, we fully appreciate that the ever progressing personality of the art world can sometimes mask the true talents of tomorrow. However, the Duke Gallery are doing everything within their power to bring you the future greats.

564293_408292185902366_215946873_nCurious Duke Gallery aim to bring the tone of mastery back to the ever evolving contemporary art world, which many will agree is no simple task. Curious Duke will be showcasing incredible new talents that use traditional techniques in a manner that is more relevant to popular culture. Young Masters will be bridging the gap between street art and fine art, using old techniques on new surfaces and rediscovering that emphatic desire and ambition that so many old masters displayed in their paintings, in a more contemporary fashion. Curious Duke, aim to show Britain that mastery is still apparent in today’s young emerging art world.

Young Masters will be exhibiting at Curious Duke Gallery from the 7th February – 7th March 2013.

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Curious Duke Gallery
207 Whitecross Street