ReferenceME and The Evolution of Academic Referencing

Everybody’s been there before: it’s the first term season of college or university, we’re pumped to take on new assignments that will no doubt test our scholarly powers and have us reaching for that coffee mug way past midnight. And then comes what most people dread at first but have the mandatory obligation to invest the extra free time in: the essay. And if that wasn’t enough, what follows close behind is the ordeal of referencing every quote or image placed into the essay through a systematic fashion. Traditionally, we’d have to skim the books and note down all the specifics, among them the author’s name, year of publication, title of the book, the edition number, and vice versa. From this year, the old-fashioned way of academic referencing could be replaced by a faster and more convenient model.


Going by the slogan, “Referencing, Made Easy”, ReferenceMe is a Shoreditch startup with an exciting idea that will revolutionize how students reference their essays. Initially beginning as a side project from T and Biscuits (currently a media startup itself) ReferenceME decided to form into its own business and runs its own space. According to co-founder Filip Ljubicic the aim is straightforward, “We are solving the problem that is academic referencing. Students write essays and spend hours referencing them. So we made a solution for all the time and marks they are losing by building an app around it.”

The procedure of the app is simple: scan the barcode of the book or journal used for the essay and the app will create the citation and bibliography. And there’s more, Filip states that “We also happen to be gathering all the data behind undergraduate research and know what parts of what books, journals and websites etc are useful for students studying individual topics and will be able to formalize your research for you.”


With certainty ReferenceME will be going places. They team has been sighted by an education tech company and are nominated for an Appster award.

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