Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory Summary

Here are all the submissions so far for the Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory. In order to vote for your favourite band, please click on the link and like their post!

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Vita Natasha North-

Vote Here for Natasha North

Vita And The Vicious-

Vote Here for Vita And The Vicious

The Watermelons-

Vote Here for The Watermelons


Vote Here for Malf 

Little Brother Eli-

Vote Here for Little Brother Eli

Rusty Boat-

Vote Here for Rusty Boat

The Deets-

Vote Here for The Deets


Vote Here for The Abjects

The Union-

Vote Here for The Union

Automatic Writing-

Vote Here for Automatic Writing


Vote Here for Jingo

Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux-

Vote Here for Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux


Vote Here for Altrego


Vote Here for Loverproof

Juliette and the Sin-

Vote Here for Juliette and the Sin

Battle Of You-

Vote Here for Battle Of You

Mean Bikini-

Vote Here for Mean Bikini

Boy From The Crowd-

Vote Here for Boy From The Crowd

Age of Pilots

Vote here for Age of Pilots

Oscar Suave

Vote here for Oscar Suave

Native People

Vote here for Native People

Izzy’s Daughter-

Vote here for Izzy’s Daughter

The 286-

Vote here for The 286

Signed in Crimson

Vote here for Signed in Crimson


Vote here for Refound

Delicia Elliot

Vote here for Delicia Elliot

Mind of a Lion

Vote here for Mind of a Lion

Autumn Lanterns

Vote here for Autumn Lanterns

A King Made

Vote here for A King Made