Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory-Top 10

Here are the Top 10 artists of the Music Factory 2013 competition (in no particular order). It is still not too late to make it to the Top 6, so if you want to see your favorite band at the Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory final event at the Hoxton Gallery on the 29th of November don’t forget to “LIKE” and “RETWEET” their profile page on Made in Shoreditch website. For all the submissions please check out Music Factory Summary .

Voting Ends on the 15th Of November.

Vita And The Vicious-

Vote Here for Vita And The Vicious


Vote Here for Malf 


Vote Here for Jingo

Rusty Boat-

Vote Here for Rusty Boat

Native People

Vote here for Native People

The 286-

Vote here for The 286

Izzy’s Daughter-

Vote here for Izzy’s Daughter

Automatic Writing-

Vote Here for Automatic Writing

Oscar Suave

Vote here for Oscar Suave

Mean Bikini-

Vote Here for Mean Bikini

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