Why I love Shoreditch- Diane Lima

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this place where the differences make the people closer? Where the future word MIX makes sense and all the exchanges are welcome. I still can say everyone needs to misunderstand to understand each other. Feelings that reflect the plurality of its image, of your young behavior, your predisposition for the streets, sidewalks, walls and corners.

Shoreditch is motion. If you don’t like abrupt changes, if you don’t want to open your mind to understand your neighbor, or 1just to be astonished when you see a new door, definitely, this is not the place for exploring. In one week, everything should be moving: new installations, galleries, graffiti, stores, parties and pubs. Arise garages, terraces, roofs, basements and undergrounds. New trends are born with other people’s point of views from old ideas, which we used to see from just one sided views. A laboratory for looking for fresh ideas and experiences.

Brazilian girl looking forward to new trends and insights, I early discovered your main features: your capacity to make us feel saudade. Saudade in Portuguese is like missing, nostalgia. Upon the places that are no more, or the people who passed in your way, or the secret feelings that just you know, when you are happy to be part of the mass. Shoreditch makes us feel saudade because here you can be who you want to be, personality is your power.

2Why do I want to explain to you what saudade means? Due to sometimes not having a translation for this feeling and for me this is the most important Brazilian expression. If you check out our history you could see that Saudade and Brazil grew up together.Now I just have one week more here, now I start to feel, now I need to go and uncover one new summer. I know it’s going to be hard to leave Shoreditch. How will I not miss the place which made us feel special to be simply different?

Maybe I will be here next spring again when I can promise to join you and give more and more of my energy. I’ll bring all my sun and we’ll have more wonderful days and warm nights. Now the sunshine is gone, but if you still want to be my friend and keep asking me if this is my real hair it’s real I always let you touch it. Yeah…I just want manifest my saudade with my lipstick…You mean Saudade, Shoreditch.


About me

Diane Lima is Brazilian and arrived in Shoreditch in June. She has worked with Direction Creative and Strategic Design to fashion brands and in projects about art and culture. In London she has spent time researching street art, design/fashion and behavior especially in east London. Going back, she looks forward to starting new projects about search trends and insights in Brazil. Also, because her great-grandmother will reach a century or 100 in November 25.

Instagram: @dianelima