Retail Transparency: Tannery London And Its Radical Idea Of Fashion

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It’s hardly a secret that retailers often mark up their product 8 to 10 times production costs, a fact that’s often swept under the rug and forgotten about. One brand that’s bringing the issue into the limelight is Tannery London, a Shoreditch-based startup that challenges this status quo by offering minimalist, high-quality accessories and essentials with little markup in price.

“We’re not going to be the cheapest place in the world. We’re trying to do high quality at a price point you’ve never seen before” says Isidoros, the founder.

Furthermore, Tannery London is firmly rooted in a much bigger objective: Transparency. It reveals to the shoppers exactly what it costs to make each product and then they show their markup.

“We produce for those few who are truly thoughtful when investing in a product, appreciate the meticulous process required for high quality goods and constantly challenge the status quo” adds Isidoros.


Tannery London sources only the finest quality materials from selected sustainable and sweatshop-free suppliers and manufactures all their products in London collaborating with highly skilled artisans with decades of experience. Their classic minimalist style and clean lines are elegantly simple and refined in detail, paying homage to the materials used.

“We’re obsessed with every little detail and always try to get extraordinary incremental amount of quality in each piece while staying within strict cost parameters” adds Carlo Patetta Rotta, one of the co-founders.

This idea of affordable luxury has so far been a big hit, with pre-orders going up 50% each week. With its success rate thus far, the company plans to raise significant seed funding in the next month in order to expand its operations into more countries and new product categories.

“We don’t think about Tannery London as a fashion company; we think about it as a lifestyle company, people are ready for high-quality, unique products, and lower costs” says Isidoros. “It’s just the beginning”.



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Visit them at: Tannery London