The Founder Of Brand Experience Agency RPM Takes On A New Challenge In the North Pole

MIS RPM2Leading brand experience agency RPM began its journey in 1993, when founder Hugh Robertson decided to create an independent creative agency with the mission of evolving purposeful brand experiences. With an action-oriented, money where your mouth is strategy, the agency has worked to help brands develop consistent experiences for their consumers and thus change the behavioral approach to consuming. RPM focuses contact with its brands’ consumers through live, retail and digital channels. Earning the slogan of “helping brands walk the talk since ’93”, RPM works with big-name brands such as M&S, Sky, Heineken, Nestle, and UK Cancer Research to develop successful ways of interacting with its consumers.

In one of its latest projects, RPM has launched Enhanced Retail, an innovative project to help brands form a deeper understanding of their purpose and users’ behavior, in order to design more effective consumer experiences for overall better engagement and understanding. Because of the disruptions of evolving technology and the dynamic digital marketplace, it’s becoming difficult for retailers to reach consumers much past their smartphones and tablets. This program will help retailers work to test and learn new products and services on its consumers, hopefully in turn evolving at the pace of the new customer and their shopping habits. “We build these innovation projects from a deep understanding of your brand purpose and your users’ behavior, to design experiences for people that will excite them and engage them in your value proposition.”

Geared in an entirely different direction, another latest project of RPM has been the opening of Sky Academy Skills Studio Livingston.  The project follows in the footsteps of the success of Sky’s Academy in London, which opened its doors in 2012. After over 30,000 young people participants, Sky’s Scottish subsidiary became the next location to work for raising the aspirations and improving life skills of children ages 8-18. The studio includes and immersive audio visual room, using interactive cues and lighting to give students the feel of being behind the scenes in a live studio.“This is another exciting addition to Sky Academy and it’s fantastic to see Sky continue supporting schools across the UK. It is a privilege, to work on projects which create lasting, positive, social impact and where we are making a brand’s ambition a reality through innovative design,” said Dom Robertson, Managing Director at RPM.


Of all their latest feats, perhaps the most noteworthy is one going far away from the UK. RPM founder Hugh Robertson is currently attempting to walk and ski 100km to the North Pole in order to raise money for the Prince’s Trust. Not only is the expedition a monumental feat for any ordinary person, but given Robertson’s history of 30 years of back operations and therapy, the trip is a major personal goal for the entrepreneur. With a team of nine entrepreneurs, they collectively have already raise £400,000 through mainly corporate sponsorship and will continue to raise funds through follow-up events once the expedition has been completed.