Explore the Colour of the Internet


London-based creative studio Alpha-ville has launched a new interactive project so that people can learn about the “Internet of Things.” This project, called “Iotorama” is a web experiment where anyone with a computer can play with the online installation. People can also visit a physical interactive exposition on the project at the Mobile World Centre in Barcelona.


Iotorama comes from “IoT” (Internet of Things) and the Ancient Greek suffix “orama,” which means, “sight” or “spectacle.” The project’s interface is designed as a constellation of shapes and animations. The triangles, circles and squares in different colours are inspired by Bauhaus. The interactive platform also has fresh soundscapes and easy navigation. The game-like project depicts the home, environment, the body, mind, culture and social events. Each choice leads the user to learn about interesting projects connected to these areas. Choosing the home, for example, might lead a user to learning about new creative locks controlled by a smartphone. Other projects include a couple bracelet by Bond that tickles your partner from wherever you are, a digital art canvas by Framed, the solar powered dress Wearable Solar by Pauline Van Dongen and a DIY kit to build your own web connected things by readDIYmate.


The user’s choices can also lead to small “Design Fiction” videos portraying possible future scenarios and the implications of technology on society. In the end, Iotorama wants to question the role of Internet in our daily lives and question how we are designing the “world of tomorrow.”