Gavin Dobson Brings the Quality of American Comic Books to London

London-based illustrator Gavin Dobson focuses his art on the manipulation of lines and textures. Most of his illustrations feature people in everyday acts like blowing bubbles or drinking a cup of tea. He has dabbled in portraying other things like scenes from Shakespeare’s as well as nudes and even colorful prints of animals.

His work does not really fit any category as he explores all sorts of colors, styles and subjects. People are his main drive for his art, however. His most impactful work uses a series of completely different textures coming together to portray a person. One of his series is more colorful and uses drawings of animals as a subject.

Dobson trained in Fine Art at Middlesex University in the UK. He says his artwork is inspired by his love for Graphic Novels and American comic books. He focuses on these works, especially looking at the styles in the 1980s. Looking at his work, it is possible to see the flatness and prints that we would find in comic books.

Besides working on his own illustrations, Dobson does character designs, storyboards, greeting cards, theatre painting as well as advertising, promotional and editorial work. His passion, though, is in graphic novels and it is easy to see the texture of comic books in his work.

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