Mirror Art

Visual artist, Shirin Abedinirad focuses on her performance, installation and video art as seen in her most recent project “Heaven on Earth”. Shirin explains how mirrors were initially used in architecture in Persia at the Tachara Palace, where glossy black stones were polished until they became reflective, and were used to expand the size and beauty of the palace. In this project, Shirin aims to return to this original concept of doubling space and light.

The project involves basic geometric shapes and symmetrical compositions of mirrors to angle up the cement stairs. Shirin emphasises the importance of mirrors in her work, as she describes how mirrors are integral to creating a paradise, they give light which is an important mystical concept in Persian culture. The interactive project requires the audience standing at the top of the stairs to look down and visualise an optical illusion set to increase their spirituality of the space. The blue sky resembles a pool on the ground and the audience has to comprehend the opposition of the nature.


Part of the project is named “Evocation” and is aimed to tackle the lack of water issue in the world. The installations are designed to mimic pools of water in the sand and therefore challenge the relationship between the human mind and elements of nature.

Evo1 Evo2 Evo3 Evo4

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