Sasiedzi by Isaac Cordal

To celebrate the Lodz 4 Cultures Festival, artist Isaac Cordal created street art in the form of miniature characters on a building’s facade; the title of the project was “Sasiedzi” (Polish for “neighbours”). The purpose of Cordal’s project aims to highlight how technology is impacting our ability to communicate, whilst we communicate 24/7 with networks online, we often find ourselves detached from the present moment, losing communicative opportunities with those surrounding us. Cordal utilises the simple act of miniaturisation combined with thoughtful placement to expand the imagination of pedestrians who come across his work on the street. His work is there to catch the attention of passers by and prompt them to question the collateral effects of our evolution. Cordal expresses his want to emphasise our devalued relation with nature through this exploration into our potentially negative social evolution. Sasiedzi consists of figurines holding mobile phones with their head down and eyes glued to the screens or ears to the speaker, clarifying that they are communicating to someone elsewhere and that they are not alone. Yet the overall picture shows the truth about how communicating through technology can make us more alone than ever. See the rest of Isaac’s work here.