The Strange World of Photographs

Welcome to the world of David Mendelsohn, a photographer from the greater Boston area that shows the beauty of the world with a series of its fragments. His objective is to always show our “fairly complex world” in “small, digestible portions.” His photographs are colourful, creative and fun. Some are very whimsical while others lean towards sensuality. He separates his portfolio in several themes like “figments,” “places,” “figures.” He even has a whole project dedicated to legs. His titles are as simple as his photographs.

Although none of his work is cluttered or complex, they certainly are not monochromatic. Mendelsohn truly exploits colour with each photograph. Every project seems to accentuate the colours almost to their limit. Each photograph forces the viewer to interpret it and think about what is being shown. Mendelsohn uses strange point of view and compositions and although the photograph may be only showing a pair of legs, looking at it would never be boring.

Mendelsohn commits to a “visual economy” and never shows more than what is needed. With so few elements to each of his photograph, there is not much to distract the viewer. This is exactly what Mendelsohn wants: no distractions.
FMT2_mendelsohn FMT3_mendelsohn FMT4_BenAndBoard FMT6_mendelsohn FMT16_mendelsohn

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