Laurie Basser Shows Us the Beauty of the Collage

The collage has often been an underrated form of art, but French visual artist Laurie Basser is here to change that. The Montreal-based artist focuses all of her works on the human form, but mixed with images of nature, animals, fabrics and much more. All of her work is centered on a human face or a human body, but she replaces certain elements with other images. Recently she collaborated with a Montreal photographer on a project. The result was a series of works about body torsion, surrealism and contemporary dance.

Surrealism is one thing that is present in all of her photographs and illustrations. All of them are mixed with fashion and design, but the collage gives the works a mysterious quality. The human form is recognizable for us all, but what happens when certain elements are not what we expect? The result forces us to look closer at each photograph and figure out where the different parts came from. Is that an octopus where the ear should be? Or is it a plant? Basser brings nature and human beings as well fashion and colour together in these series of works. The bright colours and collages make them appealing to the eye as well as interesting to the mind.
bass1 bass5 bass4 bass2