Stop Your Life for a Second and Dance


Sometimes we need to look at the world from a child’s point of view. A street musician and a little girl made everyone’s day better at a seemingly normal subway stop on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, New York and surprised the commuters. The little girl (looking fabulous in bright pink by the way) and a young woman were the first to not care what any passerby thought. The two show up in the video as dancing their hearts out and making everyone smile. The random event of happiness was even better when a few more commuters joined the party. The showstopper, however, is the little girl who not only had the best dance moves, but also kept moving with a smile on her face.

The best part is that people look enchanted and happy by this event. Hopefully this will show everyone that randomly dancing to a street musician is not awkward or weird, it is a perfect way to instantly make a good day. Let’s hope that more people joined the dance after this video was over, even if the little girl was not there anymore.

Who knew a subway stop was the perfect place to remind people to smile, dance, and feel like a kid again?