You Will Never Cry About Your Stolen Bike Again

They are calling it the “first ever unstealable bike.” Creators Cristóbal Cabello, Juan José Monsalve, and Andrés Roi Eggers came up with the project after one of them suffered many bike thefts. Thiefs had it really easy before, they just had to cut through the lock. They could also just steal your wheels. Well, the Chilean inventors to the new bike (or “Yerka,” its official name) have thought of all of that. The Yerka has a special tube on the bottom of the bike that disconnects and connects again so it can be wrapped around any fence, tube or bike rack. The inventors are even working on a bluetooth app that will unlock your bike with your phone. Now, about the wheels: the Yerka comes with special nuts that only unlock with a key. Simple as that. Although the bike still received some criticism and some say there are still ways to steal it, its “unstealable” title is still true. If a thief cuts through the tube the bike would be broken and so worthless.

How much do you have to pay to have one of these bikes? It runs at $500 right now, but the price could even go up to $600 if they become more popular. Better get yours now before supply and demand makes one of these babies “un-purchaseable” as well as “unstealable.”
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