Warhol, Lincoln and Dali are Alive!

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If only these celebrities had really come back. But they have not. This is just the wonderful work of artist Kazuhiro Tsuji who is now a full-time sculptor. He used to be a special effect make-up artist and we can definitely see why. He created each of these bigger than life sculptures out of resin, platinum silicone, among other materials. As a make-up artist you must convince audiences that the effects on the skins are real. Tsuji delivers this and more with his new works.  Each of the sculptures is enchanting and almost haunting to look at. To look directly into what seems Andy Warhol’s true gaze or Salvador Dali’s stare is out of this world. Tsuji matched each figure with an appropriate base. Dali stands on a surreal black hand while Lincoln is set on a serious wooden platform, just as a president would.

We must be glad that Tsuji decided on a career change because these sculptures are nothing like we have seen before. They have the quality of the cinema with their special effects and the base makes them interesting art pieces. Tsuji’s new title, contemporary hyperrealist sculptor, suits him well. It will be interesting to see what he does next.
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