The Reign of Urban Wild Animals

What if wild animals ruled over our urban landscapes? We could just be tiny living beings as the animals walk through an earth that was originally theirs. Graphic designer Ely Caluag explores this idea with his new series of works. He got most of the city landscapes from living in Dubai. He put these together with photographs of animals and created something new. Each illustration focuses on an animal walking freely among cities created by humans. What is interesting is that the animals do not really seem out of place in each of these photographs. Caluag’s new venture could make us think that these creatures originally led this earth. We just happened to create our own buildings around nature, and sometimes at the cost of destroying it.

Caluag’s illustrations are not meant to be warnings of animals rising or anything of the sort. They are just ideas. Surreal images from the artist’s head trying to think: “what if?” Each is beautiful and symbolic. The animals look natural, and almost in their element (although technically we would not see these images in real life). The illustrations just look effortless because of the work that the Filipino artist has put into them.
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