The Avian Avatars Are Here to Warn Us

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Take heed in the warnings of the Avian Avatars. These giant mythical birds want humankind to change their ways and take care of the earth. The new collaborative project by Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein is a new addition to the New York Streets and a call for humans to realize the effects of their actions. Dodson and Moerlein, or “The Myth Makers,” made each of these sculptures out of maple branches and a series of modern materials. The branches and the industrial materials (anything they could find really) mix nature and man, trees and the city.

Each sculpture is as beautiful as the last and also as imposing. Although they are incredible to look at, viewers must realize that this project is not just for decoration. The Avian Avatars are truly here to challenge our ideas of wellbeing. Society is just now starting to worry about issues of ecology, global warming and environmentalism but the earth needs much more. If each person adopted at least one new green habit it would be a great difference. In the meantime, artists like The Myth Makers will “invade” our streets with beautiful art projects. At least let us hope they continue to do so, but someday in celebration of the great (positive) impact human beings have on earth.
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