Small, yet sublime: Miniaturists 54 10th Birthday Bash

As you may be able to guess from their company name, The Miniaturists are a drama collective who have been presenting short-form plays since 2005.


Written, produced and brought to stage within just a small amount of time, the plays are then completely actualised with fantastic sound, lighting and costume that could be seen in a full scale show. After a decade of popularising this exciting style of compact theatre, The Miniaturists are celebrating their 10th birthday with an evening of mini-productions from a host of writers including Stephen Jeffreys, Owen McCafferty and James Fritz.



Despite their condensed nature, the plays don’t shy away from handling big, bold topics, with many of the writers using the short, experimental form to bring their wildest ideas to light. By also working with a selection of the best emerging playwrights, The Miniaturists and their events recognise and give a platform to fresh talent across the fields of writing, directing and performance.

Championing truly original content and affirming that big ideas can be portrayed in the smallest of ways, The Miniaturists are turning the conventions of “proper” theatre on its head-witness their innovative feat first hand by attending the Miniaturists 54: 10th Birthday Bash taking place at the Arcola Theatre, Sunday 15th November at 5pm and 8pm.

Source: The Miniaturists