Art in a Time of Need: Hackney’s New Mural

It goes without saying that quite often, the world is not a happy place. It only takes a few minutes of watching the news, or flicking through the paper to be reminded of all the unfortunate tragedies, conflict and injustices occurring across the globe. As a response to this, in the heart of East London artist Maggio is out to spread positivity with her new street art mural on Hackney Road.



Maggio pictured with her work


Using bright, bold colours, Maggio’s work not only adds vibrancy to the urban landscape of the local area, but also attempts to add a little light to the bleak nature of our earth. By also including the unitive tagline Love Is The Answer, Maggio’s work not only enforces that the mural is a communal art experience, but ultimately acts as a reminder for us to appreciate each other and bond together in a turbulent, frightening global climate.