Shoreditch Town Hall’s New Look

AH4 - credit Ludo Des Cognets

Shoreditch Town Hall has long been a familiar landmark of the East end- a vibrant cultural hub where people can flock to see anything from theatre, to visual arts or dance, the venue now is far from the state of disrepair it was in 50 years ago, when local government decided to relocate their offices to Hackney. However, after a £2.1 million investment, the town hall is about to get an even fresher look as it completes upgrades to it’s interior. Excitingly, for the first time since the 1960s the 750-capacity assembly hall will be able to be used to it’s full potential.

AH1 - credit Ludo Des Cognets


With the main room still keeping it’s beautifully distinct character, the donations given to the venue have allowed them to subtly introduce technical facilities and infrastructure. Looking to establish the building as a more dynamic space, Shoreditch Town Hall director Nick Giles is hoping these modern features will enable the venue to better meet the needs of live performances, community use and commercial events work. Over the next few months fantastic names and events are already set to appear at the town hall like comedian Bridget Christie and singer Natalie Williams as part of the EFG Jazz Festival, and with these recent renovations things can only get even better.