Teenage Kicks: Illustrations by Helena Hauss

Biro’s are the cheap and cheerful pens that we have lying around on our desks or at the bottom of draws, the perfect stationary partner for scribbling or doodling. However, French illustrator Helena Hauss has used the simple tool to create a series of skilled and fantastically fun drawings. Hauss’ work is filled with teenage spirit, capturing the reckless, laughter filled events that mark one’s youth; from drunken evenings with your friends, to getting the crazy piercings that you’d later learn to regret.The illustrator’s alternative choice of medium in itself has been inspired by her younger years- Hauss initially developed her love of Bic pens during high school where she could draw inconspicuously with them in her exercise books without getting caught by her teachers. Super bright and a delight for the eye, it’s hard not to smile and reflect on your own adolescence when looking at Helena Hauss’ creations.