The everyday objects in our life go through our hands so often that we never really look at them, never closely nor carefully. They are so standard for everyone that they go unnoticed. But Takahiro Iwasaka manages to make them truly beautiful.

It is thanks to his skills that cities emerge from duct-tape and electricity towers rise in hills of crumpled towels. Takahiro, originally from Hiroshima, had always been a creative individual, as long ago as when he was a child and tried to recreate robot-toys with snippets of paper and cardboard.

And not only his skills allow him to create tiny dainty towns, they also bring back grave memories and events. Some of his miniature artworks are his representation of the aftermaths of the disastrous events in Hiroshima; the gritty, dusty sculptures, no matter how tiny, are as distressing as their much bigger original model.