Kylli Sparre: from ballet career to photography

Harmonious movements have been part of Kylli Sparre’s life for many years: before she started using photography to express her feelings and thoughts, she had been a dancer since she was a child. And suddenly

“I was still a child when I started, but pretty soon I already knew that wasn’t for me; I was just missing this massive passion for it, and passion is something you need in anything you want to do. But I really wanted to feel that way – if not for dance, then for something else”, she said in an interview.

And that passion came. When she discovered photography and image manipulation, she realised that was her path. Her conceptual photography, among lots of subject, often portrays women in surreal, magical surroundings that seem to escape time and space. The movement, in these pictures, is a basic element: perhaps reminiscence of her former career, the harmony and flows generated by the women she portrays defy the apparent stillness of the woods in which they are submerged.

These are just some of her amazing artworks, but there is many more — and all of them are beautiful and engaging. You can check it out on her website or Facebook page.

Kylli_Sparre_Mutual_Forgetfulness-v Kylli_Sparre_Speculation Kylli_Sparre_Steadiness_of_the_Flow sparrek-1 sparrek-2 sparrek-3 sparrek-6 Kylli_Sparre_Allies-v Kylli_Sparre_fragile_flames-v