Pavan’s Henna Opens in Shoreditch – Why you need to go

Pavan’s henna, the worlds first henna bar launches in Shoreditch and everyone needs to visit, here’s why…


Is that enough^^?

Venue Barber & Parlour have just welcomed Pavan, founder of the unique henna bars to offer the creative designs on the top floor in the cheeky treatments room. 

Located on Redchurch Street, East London the design-based work launched just two weeks ago and I got to check it out, #dreams.

Having not had a henna since maybe my first festival in the summer of the noughties, probably a flower of some kind/CND peace sign I was very excited – maybe a bit too much. Off I headed to B & P to get my own authentic design – the more extravagant the better as far as I was concerned. I couldn’t help but notice glitter henna featured on the menu beforehand.. so of course I was going to maybe drop a few hints in my session..


The bar itself was lovely, Saira who did my henna was just a legend, one of her arms was covered in a transfer tattoo white and silver, very impressive looking and not typically what you would think of as henna. Saira then talked me through how the dye is prepped and stored, using the freshest batch of the henna plant to make the dye in order to get the best depth of colour in the art.

She showed me tons of original designs the bar offers and mentioned to me how much she herself is ‘obsessed’ with the types of artwork and how they can vary from different cultural regions. Indian designs tends to be finer, more delicate and focuses on intricacy, African henna is bolder and more geometric with Arabic work somewhere in between.

We then chose a design and she piped the liquid in fine lines, blobs, circles and swirls all over my hand. I couldn’t stop watching her, it was like therapy.

Here we are, you agree it is way impressive right?


Saira’s design, complete with a white henna and a glitter pipe.


Pure action shot of progress.

Offering parties/hen do’s/occasions and with bars currently in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges it has never been more the time to try out a henna.

Pavan, who has been practising for a cool 15 plus years is the Guinness World Record Holder for the quickest henna ever, 511 arm bands – all of varying patterns – in an hour, smashing the previous record of 314 [that is insane so you know]. Ultimately her goal is to,

‘have henna bars all over the world,’ totally on board with this, the more arm bands the better as far as we are concerned.

Already launching in Milan, Dubai and Zurich, Pavan is well on her way to achieving her goal.

‘I just love henna so much’, she added.

After speaking to her and flicking through her lookbook, this was very obvious as the hardwork and talent engineered in each of her designs is quite frankly overwhelming.

Pavan Henna Bar-6

World’s fastest henna artist aka Pavan^

‘It is all about making it accessible to everyone, I know where I can get henna’s done but do you?’ 

She then went on to explain having been brought up with henna and using it to celebrate festivals and other major occasion like Divali and weddings, many family members and friends all practise as well. It is a culture that you are brought up with and this is something she wants to share with everyone.

Saira, who has also been practising for about 15 years now tells me it takes years to learn and master,

‘It takes time, you need clean lines otherwise it’s a mess – I have always been around henna’.

I left an hour or so later with an awesome glittery black – Saira tells me [asides from the glitter] – more traditional Indian henna, a gold Arabic arm band transfer tattoo and a bindi, feeling the most cultured in a while that is for sure. The detail on my hand I can’t stop staring at, it is intricate and beautiful – basically I am never going to wash my left hand, simple.

Already I am being asked, ‘that’s lovely’ and ‘where did you get that it’s so delicate, I don’t know anywhere around here that does henna’ – so I guide them in the direction of Pavan’s of course.

It really is a great bar offering a beautiful and authentic service something you should definitely try if you are around Shoreditch or if you just fancy something creative.


Oh and you should also know, when you do visit, I would expect to see me there as I will now be a regular at Pavan’s.

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