Every guy’s been there. You enter a room for an important meeting, you’re on date or on the tube and your boxers move themselves into an awkward position. Time for the ‘pocket re-adjust’ or a trip somewhere quiet to move them back in place.

Our friends over at ZLDN Underwear, a London-based underwear brand, has launched an ultra-comfortable boxer brief that promises to put and end to ‘riding up’. They’ve launched the new design on Kickstarter to have already raised half of their funding in just a few days.

The ultimate boxer brief is made from MicroModal® – an Austrian technology fabric which is THREE-TIMES softer than cotton and made from sustainably sourced Beech trees. They have re-invented the boxer brief with an anti-ride-up technology adding in three more construction panels than the average boxer short. True to ZLDN’s passion for bold print, the brand also worked with London graphic designer Ross Aitken who designed four new prints inspired by London culture.

The brand started in 2014 with humble beginnings, selling boxer shorts at London markets and in independent retailers across London. Since launching, the brand has sold more than 3000 woven boxer shorts. Now after a year of development, asking more than 300 Londoners what makes the perfect pair, and travelling the world in search of the perfect fabric – they’ve created some of the most comfortable underwear on the planet.

For the Kickstarer they’ve also created women’s briefs and MicroModal® T-shirts as part of the campaign – both of which will be Made in London.

We’ve tried and tested these briefs for ourselves and can vouch for their silky-smoothness – check out their campaign now to bag a pair for yourself. You’re gallivants around town will be more comfortable than ever! http://kck.st/2gwa9SF