The World’s Smallest Portfolio


Michael Lester is a freelance designer and illustrator currently working in London, however, it wasn’t always easy for Lester to gain work. The Illustration and Animation agency, Jelly London, decided to challenge students and graduates to get people talking about their work, and to generate interest and differentiate themselves from other creatives. To tackle this challenge, Lester decided to catch employer’s eyes – quite literally. By producing a portfolio that can balance on a fingertip, Lester forced viewers to concentrate on his designs, intriguing them about what more he had to offer, and therefore prompting them to check out his online portfolio. Here, Lester explains his inspiration behind the idea “they say that the best ideas fit onto a post-it note so I decided to challenge myself, seeing how well I could present my work in thumbnail size. Tiny packages were delivered to some of my favourite creative agencies, complete with hand-signed magnifying cards to read the content”.

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