6 UK Tech Startups to Watch in 2017

The UK offers an undeniably strong start up ecosystem around the world. The Brexit vote will leave a negative impact on the start up scene in the UK. However, we are certain that we will still be able to see quite a few UK based tech success stories who will continue to take over the world.

Companies like Funding Circle are working hard to boost the startup industry. They helps small businesses by loaning out money to founders they believe in. They have lent to over 25’000 businesses in the UK, Germany, USA, and Netherlands, so you can discover the best country to launch a start-up by taking this quiz by Funding Circle.

However, we believe that UK is still one of the most important startup hubs in Europe, so we took a deep look into the start up scene UK has to offer, so we can provide you with the best 6 UK tech start up to watch for in 2017. These startups were started just a few years ago, and we are certain one of them is going to make a huge name for themselves.

1. Drivetiribe – aim to be the biggest digital home for motoring fans worldwide. They have divided their media structure into different tribes, and each one is give an identity, characteristics, and personality. These are hosted by bloggers, stars, videographers, and writers, who wish to share their own content with fans. As a user you can sign up to any tribe that offers information about the motor they are interested in.

2. Gousto – a cool new startup that provides innovative recipe boxes with pre-portioned ingredients packaged and delivered to the door each week

3. Monzo – is an application designed especially for people who constantly live on their smart phones. These are the people who want to get things done early, and believe in the one click process. As they feel there is no need for bank branches and cheque books. Monzo aims to offer clients the best current account in the world, and they want it to become an intelligent hub that can offer users financial advice. They have been able to secure $42 million as venture capital.

4. Takumi – is a platform designed for brands, advertisers, and agencies. It will allow them to work without putting in much effort, as the company focuses on micro-influences by running social media campaigns. We have only seen influencers with a large social media following, to create any kind of brand influence. However, Takumi offers brands access to a number of small influencers that will allow users to lay down a path for their brand by creating a large campaign. The company has been able to secure $1.4 million by 2017, in seed financing.

5. Carspring – is based in London, and they are offering a new way to sell and buy a car. The company offers an online platform, where they allow users to save the money they will usually be charged with at a dealership. This allows both the buyer and seller to set a reasonable price, as there are no hidden fees. In addition, there is no waiting time, allowing the process to be effective and efficient. The company has raised $4 million in venture capital. They are only focusing on UK markets as of yet, but plan to expand to other countries by the end of this year.

6. Bob – is designed in a way that it allows a better understanding between the staff and the business. As it takes people management and placed in right in the middle of them. Bob helps in talent admin, and sorting HR, and offers benefits in a way that it ensures effectiveness, along with invaluable management. This allows for a greater level of engagement, and offers complete control over your employees. The company has secured more than $7.5 million in seed funding alone.