Shipping container houses that are way better than your own home

The amount of things that shipping containers are being used for nowadays is unbelievable. Not only offices, workshop spaces, bars, stores, cafés and urban restaurants, but also homes and hotels are being built out of the tonnes of metal. This is, of course, a great thing and a step forward for both the urban architecture and our environment as these out-of-commission containers are being used in creative ways, reducing the waste that would’ve been created by building something out of scratch. Thanks to this versatile product, we can now build amazing things and places, adding a hip, urban touch to any location.

It’s clear that people can get very creative when given the chance to build something out of a metal shipping container, but let’s try to come back to the simple ideas, which are based on what we, humans need in order to live fully-valuable lives- houses or housing units.

Moving into a modern apartment in the heart of any city might seem like a great idea, considering that maybe it’s your first home after moving out from your parents, or you just couldn’t wait to blow all the hard gained cash for a little bit of an urban experience.But renting(or buying) a small apartment in the center, where you’re not only unable to fit any more furniture or re-design your home the way you want doesn’t seem so great after seeing these amazing shipping container houses with modern design and an urban touch.Whether you want to live by a lake, sea, forest or somewhere with a stunning view, these houses are an inspiration to all of us who wish to feel metropolitan, but stay away from the busy touristy streets and all the city noise at the same time.Have a look and be inspired.