What a 404 Error Would Look Like on a Person

The graphic design team at Retoka emulate the frustrations behind server and client errors in their edited photographs. Beginning with photographs of models, the editors manipulate the pictures to resemble dysfunctional and crashed computer images.

Two of Retoka’s recent projects, Server Error 5xx and Client Error 4xx, are named after common errors most people run into when using the Internet. 5xx server errors occur when an Internet server cannot perform a valid request, and 4xx client errors denote a problem with what the user asked of the server.

With error codes as inspiration, Retoka designers created their own idea of what these errors would look like if they had visual representations. Placing errors over the photographs gives the viewer the idea of what 5xx and 4xx errors can look like over familiar figures.

Client Error 4xx:


Server Error 5xx:


Source: Retoka.com