Ay Wing, a Swiss singer-songwriter and producer based in Berlin, has just released her new video ‘Strange‘ as a hymn to the awkwardness of our selfie generation.

The video, directed by Emily Josephine Casey, depicts the singer successfully impersonating different female Hollywood characters, from Morticia Addams to Leelo and Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace, trapped in this modern form of digital narcissism that we are all so familiar with.

“’Strange’ tries to find humour in an age where many of our own identities seem based on an insta-filter and the right angle,” commented Ay Wing.

In the lyrics, she points out whether this self-image cult is a response to our fear of being forgotten. “A perfect lie born off your tongue, laugh to embrace the stupid joke that we became”, she sings. And again, we are “too blind for shame”, until the final twist of the earworm chorus with the powerful image “sinking to the bottom with your head held high”.

The song, produced by Shuko (Christoph Bauss), is a catchy electro-pop tune, with a bouncy retro synth foundation, and it’s part of her new psych-pop EP ‘Ice Cream Dream’ released this spring.

Check her out!