Painted Collages Explore the Struggle Between Beauty and Nature

Nature and feminine beauty merge together in painted collages by Alexandra Levasseur. Flowers surround faces of women, dancing together in harmony — and then they are fighting as plants struggle to push out of the faces of different women.

Beauty and ideas of identity are complexly explored in her collage paintings. Should the characters in her work allow the nature to overtake them, or should they fight back? Different collages experience different stories, unique to each woman depicted.

Levasseur’s work captures the idea of diversity in not only women but people in general. Not every person is the same, and not every person painted experiences nature and beauty the same way. Each collage explores a different story, different character — a different world.

Alexandra-Levasseur-4Alexandra-Levasseur-2Alexandra-Levasseur-2 (1) (1)Alexandra-Levasseur-7

Source: Alexandra Levasseur