Unstoppable Indie-rock band AT PAVILLON share video for their latest single “Lions”

Austrian four-piece At Pavillon has just shared a brand new video for their latest single titled ‘Lions’. At Pavillon have been making waves since their inception and have really shown the gold that they’re made of with their debut single ‘All Eyes On You’, which was released early this year via Las Vegas Records, the label who brought us indie-pop heroes Leyya, under the banner of Redelsteiner management, who work with Austrian singer-songwriter sensation Voodoo Jürgens. The band’s first single also blew up in Europe and received substantial airplay from radio stations in Austria, France, Poland and Germany. At Pavillon’s next single, released only a few months after their first, titled ‘Stop This War’, proved even more successful and was presented on the popular Austrian late-night TV show Willkommen Österreich. The track earned the band a huge amount of praise for its ambitious music video, as well as for the mood and message of the song and secured At Pavillon a slot at Austria’s biggest music festival, Frequency. At Pavillon is also looking forward to perform at Reeperbahn Festival‘s Austrian Heartbeats on the 19th September alongside Cari Cari, DIVES, TENTS and Petrol Girls. The talented group of musicians are already working on their 2019 releases, which will include their first ever full-length and much anticipated album ‘Believe Us’.  

The band is made up of four talented young men, with Paul Majdzadeh-Ameli on drums and backing vocals, Tobias Kobl on bass guitar and backing vocals, Bernhard Melchart on lead guitar and backing vocals and Mwita Mataro coming in with rhythm guitar and the lead vocals. Known by many as a bunch of romantic rebels in matching button-up shirts, all four of the members of At Pavillon hail from Vienna and have an incredible chemistry, on and off stage. The band formed in 2014 and have been working hard ever since; now that they’ve reached great heights in the Austrian scene, the band are spreading their wings and hope to spark interest in other countries around the globe.   

At Pavillon’s new single ‘Lions’ is a huge triumph for the band, as it truly showcases not only the talent, but the tenacity and momentum that this group has. The EP’s title track ‘Lions’ is At Pavillon’s most powerful track to date and really showcases Mwita Mataro’s versatile and unique voice. The lyrics of “We are lions, we are born to lead!’ paired with At Pavillon’s high energy guitar riffs and upbeat tempo makes for an anthemic sound; a track about strength and pride. The energy of this track, and of At Pavillon in general, could be compared to that of indie-rock heavyweights The Kooks, Two Door Cinema Club and The Wombats, while the band’s sound can be held up alongside firm indie-rock favourites Catfish and the Bottlemen and Cage the Elephant. Although drawing from classic indie-rock sounds, At Pavillon has a unique sound created by a combination of Mwita Mataro’s signature vocals, inspiration from the pop and funk genres and the entire band’s tight energy that they bring to all their tracks.