Diversity Advocate Yana Binaev documents the many faces of society

What started as an attempt to reflect the beauty of people through the eyes of a diversity enthusiast, brought into an entire life changing project which was already exhibited twice in the heart of Shoreditch and promises not be stopping here.

Documentary photographer Yana Binaev started taking portraits of people who stand out from the crowd and presenting them in the way they are seen in her eyes. Diverse. The project is named ‘My Eyes See Diversity’. A full of colour, life and social importance.
Brightly presented photos, that make the viewer notice more, how diverse are the colours in the society around us.

Such terms as ‘BAME’, ‘POC’ and diversity, are not always fully understood by big parts of the society. A project like this raises up debates that are extremely important in multicultural places, where everyone, must be accepted.

The project received mixed to positive reviews from art lovers and exhibitions attendees. Only a minority of the attendees of the exhibitions of the project did not know of the meaning of such terms as POC, BAME and the importance of diversity. What assigns an overall of a educational impact that this project has on society and brings a subject that is not familiar to everyone, or perhaps, simply not a top priority for anyone.    Photos copyright © Yana Binaev

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