Archie Faulks captures the modern dating in London in his new single ‘Wonderful’

Romantic wordsmith and talented singer-songwriter Archie Faulks has released a beautiful video for his new single ‘Wonderful’, which captures the world of modern dating and love in our Capital.

Filmed in various locations around Shoreditch including Brick Lane, Shoreditch High Street and Spitalfields, the video follows intimate moments of a couple’s blossoming love.

Speaking about ‘Wonderful’ and its video Archie says, “When I listen to ‘Wonderful’ I think of falling in love in London. So it was important to me that the video was a love story set in London. The underground is a space where life above ground doesn’t really matter. We sit across from people and can gaze longingly at them falling in love for five minutes before they reach their stop. I have been victim to many of these underground infatuations. So I wanted the video to start on the train but this time, whether for real or in the imagination of the passengers, the relationship develops above ground. They live out the fantasy that we so often succumb to on the way to work.”

David Tomaszewski the director had recently moved to London so had a very romantic vision of the city. A vision I had possessed as a kid but as time and experience wore on had slightly died. But London can always surprise you. David breathed new life into my romanticism of this great city with the video he created.”