Self-healing Through Fruits and Vegetables

Folk medicine takes a new form in Marwane Pallas’ photography. His collection, titled ‘Doctrine of Signatures’, is based on the belief that the shapes of natural objects that most closely resembled the parts of the human body could cure ailments that would arise there. Blood oranges could cure problems with the lungs and cabbage could help with brain damage.

Embracing the notion of self-healing, Pallas’ photos are all self-portraits with herbalist forms of medicine placed over his body parts. He focuses his camera on the fruits and vegetables in the photos, giving them a spotlight as they are crucial to his form of healing.

While most classic herbalist techniques presented in Pallas’ collection are rarely (if no longer) used in the modern age, his work presents a form of self-remedy for the soul. Looking back on ancient techniques and using them for personal growth gives Pallas’ photos a modern twist, allowing the viewers to place themselves into his work and heal through his work.

Source: Marwane Pallas