Landscapes like you’ve never seen – at your fingertips.

No matter how much this might look like a canyon — it isn’t. Well, actually it is, only it’s carved in a ring.

Secret Woods is a Canadian artist who decided to use wood in a unique way. Wooden jewellery is not a new thing, but these rings have something more: they are made out of wood and they ARE woods.


The rings are handmade, crafted with fresh wood and then finished with resin and beeswax: the ring gets carved and given a shape, then covered in translucent resin.

The artist’s skills with miniatures give life to tiny personal worlds – and being handmade, none of the rings will every look the same.

Each ring is a tiny microcosm: blizzards, flowers, mountains or woods are encapsulated in tiny resin trunks.

6 Gorgeous-Wooden-Rings-By-Secret-Wood-06 qq 1

There are plenty more, so if you want to take a quick trip to these alien-looking, fairytale landscapes (and maybe get your own personal one), you should check out the website ->