Jobrapido is helping their jobseekers get more suitable job matches with new technology.

Unemployment rates in the US and the UK are at some of their lowest for decades. Despite current economic complexities and Brexit uncertainty, both nations are enjoying somewhat of a modern golden age of employment. This does not mean that there are few jobseekers looking for work. Those looking for employment may just have a better experience thanks to new technology created by Jobrapido.

Jobrapido is a job search site operating in almost 60 countries with more than 85 million registered users. They have already helped countless people find a job that matches their skills. Yet, they have now developed new technology based on taxonomy to make the process of finding suitable jobs even more effective.

The status-quo for job search sites is to use keywords to match a user’s search with the jobs currently listed. This means if a user searches for an administrative receptionist job, that user will receive hits of all current listings that include the words ‘administrative receptionist’. Although this appears to be exactly what the jobseeker was looking for, the jobseeker misses out on all the other jobs they are qualified for. Examples of jobs potentially missed include ‘personal receptionist’, ‘administrative clerk’ or ‘administration reception staff’. The orthodox system for job searching online is somewhat flawed and causes job hunters to execute multiple time-consuming searches.

Jobrapido has recognised this issue and developed Smart Intuition Technology™ to make job searching more effective. Their technology combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and principles of taxonomy to make sure their users are exposed to all the roles they are suitable for.

Libraries are organized into types, genres, authors and dates to make finding the books you are looking for easier. This categorization resembles taxonomy and what Jobrapido has also set out to achieve. The site has copy and pasted these taxonomical principles to their listed jobs, grouping them into their own online library. This means jobseekers now access the jobs that their search term brings up, but also the jobs that their hits have been grouped with by the technology. For example, someone looking at jobs in Manchester, with a keen interest in seeing the latest NHS nursing positions, will not only receive current NHS roles in Manchester, but they will also receive other healthcare jobs in the area, from private dental nursing to aged care positions and more. The whole category will be presented, maximizing their exposure to the current openings they are qualified for. The technology resembles many other technologies that internet users encounter frequently. Online clothing stores will offer items to match other items that have been added to the shopper’s basket at checkout. Even Netflix will suggest films based on the genre or director of a film watched recently.

With Jobrapido’s Smart Intuition Technology™, job searches become more valuable as they can track down more relevant opportunities from a single search. When searching and applying for jobs can be tiresome and monotonous, making the task more effective will certainly be welcome. The best thing about Smart Intuition Technology™ changing the way we find jobs online is that it doesn’t change the way we search for jobs online. The whole process is autonomous, meaning users carry on searching and scrolling in the same ways.

Jobrapido’s technology works silently in the background like a librarian placing additional job opportunities in the jobseeker’s path.