The original Golden Hinde was broken up in the 17th Century, but its replacement, docked just behind Southwark Cathedral, remains a hub of tourism, education and fun. A 15 minute bus ride will take you from Shoreditch to London Bridge for an immersive evening of cocktails and swashbuckling on board the Golden Hinde, courtesy of Inventive Productions.

Pirates Of The Hidden Spirit

Following its success in 2018, Pirates of the Hidden Spirit returns to the Golden Hinde on October 31st 2019, with boarding times between Wednesday and Sunday until the end of December. For a boarding fee of £34.99, guests are invited to join an undercover crew under the command of Captain Jack Cassidy, with a mission to steal hidden treasure. The story is set in 1795 on board The Hidden Spirit, a vessel commissioned by the US government to recover $2 million in hidden treasure.

Captain Cassidy, however, has a different plan, and seeks a crew prepared to embrace the pirate’s life and earn their share of the treasure. Pirates of the Hidden Spirit is part of an Inventive Productions trilogy exploring the legends of The Cassidys, a family of criminals and pirates. The boarding fee includes three cocktails stolen from the ship’s treasure and pirate-worthy clothing for the voyage. Private bookings are also available for inventive Christmas events or team building days.

Who Are Inventive Productions?

You may have come across Inventive Productions before: they’re the creative force behind Alcotraz and Moonshine Saloon, the two other immersive London cocktail experiences making up the Cassidy trilogy. Inventive productions aim to challenge traditional settings with immersive storytelling, bringing their themes to life with a fully interactive experience. They also work with clients to develop bespoke productions according to brief. The team are a force of innovation, with backgrounds in storytelling and performance, and a thorough knowledge of London’s structure and history. They engage with any brief, considering all the elements a new venue will require for an idea to come to life, from performance to costume to sound design.

With technicians and sound system hire in London so readily available, any setting can form a stage for an immersive experience, as demonstrated by their startling ability to facilitate the pop up of Alcotraz on Shoreditch’s Brick Lane. London is rich in stories, and Inventive Productions aim to bridge the gap between modern entertainment and the stories lost in the city’s history through immersive storytelling and performance, creating cocktail experiences a world away from a modern London bar.

Pirates of the Hidden Spirit promises to be an exciting voyage throughout the winter, embracing anyone eager to be involved in an immersive storytelling experience with a cocktail (or three) in hand.