Best Places for CBD-Infused Food in and around Shoreditch

CBD is one of the biggest trends around right now, so where can you try it for the first time?  CBD has been found to alleviate anxiety, as well as depression, along with various other health issues. Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer could be treated by CBD in the future. London has a lot of different options for CBD food and drink and new outlets are opening all the time to give customers more choice. But we will focus on Shoreditch and its nearby surroundings – where are the best places for CBD-infused food in this part of London?


Right in the heart of Shoreditch, on Commercial Street, is Genesis. An organic and healthy restaurant set out over two floors, Genesis is a great place to try out CBD food.

One of the most intriguing items on the menu at Genesis is the Turmeric CBD Bomb Latte, which includes turmeric-infused CBD oil. Bright yellow in colour, the drink is perfect for Instagram and includes maple syrup, coconut milk and Crystal Energy Water.

Officially certified by the Soil Association and featuring a menu full of organic cocktails – the only place in London to do so – Genesis is well worth trying out.

Food on the menu that looks delicious includes banh mi hot dogs, a New York deli taco and a ‘duck’ salad that is made with jackfruit, while the Genesis drinks menu also has Cannabia, an original hemp beer.

Genesis is open throughout the day, seven days a week, from brunch through to dinner.

Planet Organic

Rapidly growing in popularity among Londoners is the supermarket chain Planet Organic, which has a branch near Shoreditch in Devonshire Square.

Planet Organic has a lot of CBD products to choose from including a variety of oils, sprays and creams. In terms of food and drink, they have hummus infused with CBD as well as sweet treats such as chocolate bars. A double espresso with butter and CBD oil from Planet Organic is the perfect pick me up at the start of a busy working day.

A banana and cinnamon CBD bar might just particularly take your fancy at Planet Organic, which has a few stores across the city so you are never likely to be too far away from one.


Behind This Wall

In nearby Hackney is Behind This Wall, a cocktail bar found in a basement on Mare Street.

Fo’Sizzle Dizzle Swizzle is among the CBD-infused drinks on an extensive menu that changes seasonally. The drink includes spiced rum along with CBD syrup, sake, lime and kenaf leaf.

The bar also sells its own range of CBD syrups, so if you love the drink they mix up for you, you can take some away and try it out for yourself in the comfort of your own home later on.

An inventive range of bar snacks are on offer to enjoy along with your drink and while they change on a regular basis, CBD is often included as an ingredient in them as well.

Behind This Wall has a late license for special events so can be a superb hangout for those who want to experiment with CBD food and drink for the first time.


Plant Hub

Also in Hackney is Plant Hub, which is both a plant-based restaurant and culinary academy.

Located close to Behind This Wall, Plant Hub is a great spot for brunch and dinner and delivery is even available through the Uber Eats website and app.

CBD-infused granola energy bars are among the items of interest on the menu, while a dessert slice with coconut-flavoured CBD is well worth trying out as well. Everything available to buy at Plant Hub is fully organic with no gluten or refined sugar included in their food either.

Feel Good Cafe

A little bit further out of the city is Chingford’s Feel Good Cafe, but it is well worth the journey to test out their array of CBD-infused menu options – the local station is a very short walk away.

A Feel Good Essentials CBD Latte is perhaps the best of the bunch, while Hot Cacao Ceremony is among the other hot drinks served up that include an infusion of CBD. In fact, the Feel Good Cafe will add CBD oil to anything you order for the tiny price of just £1. This means it is arguably the perfect place to try out CBD-infused food and drink for the first time in London.

Of course, if none of these options take your fancy you can always buy in some CBD oil to add to dishes and drinks in your own home. This list of the UK’s top CBD oil products by CBD Shopy has all the details you will need in order to help you decide which ones to purchase.