Mundane items to new, Kristián Mensa’s illustrations

17-year-old artist Kristián Mensa from the Czech Republic uses small items that seem mundane in everyday life and transforms them into art. He believes that he has always seen objects from a different perspective. This perspective as allowed for him to find beauty and necessity to anything that surrounds us. By taking everyday items in our daily lives, Kristián Mensa is making them unique in their own way with a combination of his drawing and illustration skills. These typically mundane items are made new again in each of his different illustrations.

While the concept might appear to be simple, there takes a special type of creativity and imagination to each of the illustrations. From items like fruits, flowers, office supplies and even noodles, Kristián Mensa’s tiny illustrations display humor and innovativeness. Popular pieces range from displaying Edvard Munch’s Scream depicted in toilet paper to the use of thumb tacks to show ideas of being trapped. Not only do his illustrations force the viewer to look beyond the typical items to see their uniqueness, but it makes someone realize the endless options of creativity for any item in this world. The young artist is currently displaying all of his artwork on his Instagram, earning him quite the fan base on the social media site. He held an exhibition back in February in Prague titled ‘Smart Art’ to display his many illustrations.

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To view more of his work, go to Instagram