LinkLaters are now introducing a tech curriculum which is designed to help trainee solicitors. The firm have partnered with Swansea University to try and deliver a total of 6 online modules. This is designed to help rookies across their network. They are going to be taught things like law and AI, smart contracts, blockchain and technology.

AI and Tech Modules

The world is certainly starting to embrace the world of AI. In fact, investors like Tej Kohli have pumped millions into the AI start-up industry to try and make sure that everyone is given the support they need with their venture. The in-house team of experts who are working with LinkLaters are experienced and making sure that everything is done to ensure the success of the program. The three modules include data for lawyers, product development and even introducing legal tech. This is going to be delivered by the firm and it is designed to give the trainees the boost they need to really progress. The modules are going to be available from next month. Starters are going to get the first choice and then eventually it is going to become a permanent feature for the contract.

The Curriculum

The curriculum was born out of a number of workshops. The firm conducted them in the year 2018 and they were going to identify the skills that lawyers would need in the future in order for them to succeed. A key theme that actually emerged was the ability for them to use and then implement legal technology. James Phoenix and Sam Quicke were sent to the Swansea University and they gathered as much insight as they could. He has stated that collaborating with the university means that they have been able to develop a series of modules. This is going to help people to think about the new technology that they have while also giving them the insight they need to deliver efficiencies in their work. They are really looking forward to rolling out the training and they are also going to continue to work with the firm to make sure that a high level of innovation is delivered at all times.

Shilpa Bhandarkar who is the head of innovation has stated that tech-enabled solutions that include both AI and automation give them the chance to serve their clients in a new and interesting way. Those who understand law and who have the skills required will easily be able to navigate their way through the various technology that is available. Courses like this are going to help them to bridge the gap between the firm and the clients as well. A huge number of law firms are now teaming up with tech providers and this is making it easier than ever for them to really bridge the gaps required. Only time will tell what is going to happen next but right now it looks like a lot of work is being done to try and benefit the law community.