Rising soulful pop songstress MILENA releases ‘Higher Hopes’ EP

London based singer-songwriter MILENA has shared the video for her newly released EP title-track, ‘Higher Hopes’ which premiered via CLASH Magazine. Nikola Kovacevic from Brother Sun Sister Moon Productions stepped forward again to assist with the producing, mixing and mastering of the album. As part of the successful duo Lite Motive, MILENA has previously performed for Disney’s Buena Vista International and was placed on the “Hits Sheet” compilation alongside George Michael and Ronan Keating. The singer has been featured in publications such as Grazia Magazine Montenegro and A&R Factory and received radio play from Sammy Rock aka Soul Oasis of Cyberjamz Radio. As part of her solo career, MILENA worked as a Radio Presenter and Music Journalist at Capital Radio, where she presented on the popular evening show, Sedmica and Saturday show Jukebox. In 2019, MILENA went on a media tour in Montenegro, appearing on various TV channels, and was seen performing around the East and West coast of America.

MILENA was born and raised in Montenegro where she would begin playing classical guitar and piano before going on to study at the local Music Academy. Along the way, she won various prizes, participated in many festivals and appeared on children’s TV programmes, in musical theatre and TV commercials. Coming from a musical and artistic family, MILENA confidently shares, “Music was my destiny, it was inevitable. I don’t think there was ever a time at home that music wasn’t the centre piece of my family”

As a result of her musical family, MILENA draws inspiration from a variety of artists including the more traditional likes of Earth Wind & Fire, Dave Matthews Band, Maysa Leak and some new artists such as D’Sound, Emily King and Amber Mark. In turn, her own sound sits closer to the likes of Norah Jones, Jennifer Page and Lisa Stansfield.

Providing a ray of hope under difficult times, MILENA reveals her self made music video for the title track of her upcoming album. Boldly playing with readily available scenery, including colourful wallpaper and stills of coffee cups, the songstress displays a timeless grace in her work that will continue to present well once the world returns to normality. A metaphorical breath of fresh air is brought to the single with scenes of the bright sun outside and green landscapes, ultimately reinforcing the underlying message of positivity. 

MILENA reveals her sanguine approach to creating the music video under difficult circumstances, “The original idea to make the music video ‘Higher Hopes’ was a beautiful setting in the English countryside and old fashioned cottage, riding the bike amongst the golden fields…
I was just about to shoot the video, then the lockdown happened. I couldn’t let that delay me, so with my trusted iPhone X, I shot this video by myself in my North London flat and local park. The message had to be the same: being alone is being strong, with the help of a Creator, with hope, every day is a new opportunity too, just like the time we are all living in currently.”